Timon of Anaconda

Environmental Theatre for the Anthropocene

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Timon of Anaconda is my adaptation of Shakespeare and Middleton’s Timon of Athens, set in Butte, Montana in the 1960s and ’70s. It tells the story of a mining mogul who loses everything and is abandoned by his friends. He then attempts to retreat to the wilderness, only to find that there is no place that does not have the mark of human activity. This 75-minute adaptation uses a 400-year-old text to explore our own culpability in environmental degradation, but also to consider what our next steps can be.


Free performances at:

The Silos at Story Mill, Bozeman: September 7, 3:00pm

Foreman’s Park, Mountain Con Mine Yard, Butte: September 8, 3:00pm

Starring Mark Kuntz, Tonya Andrews, Riley O’Toole, Keegan Grady, Lizzy Bennett, Aaron Schuerr, and Claire McGinty

Here is a paper I presented to the Environmental Humanities Group at Montana State University in August 2019, giving more thoughts behind this project: Ecological Adaptation in Montana: Timon of Athens to Timon of Anaconda.

Superfund 101 is a radio interview from KBMF Community Radio station in Butte, Montana. Listen as Minton gives more information about this play, its background, and the reasons why she chose to stage this play in Butte and Bozeman settings. This 28 minute interview answers questions about the Anthropocene, the history of drama and the environment, and using drama to explore issues important to local communities. Click here to access this interview.


Here is an article in the Bozeman Magazine about Timon of Anaconda, including a picture of the Berkeley Pit in Butte and The Silos performance site in Bozeman. This article gives a broad overview of the original Timon of Athens play, the current trend towards using Shakespearean drama to explore contemporary issues, my current research, and a brief discussion about why these sites were chosen for this performance.

Here are some of my favorite images from the Timon of Anaconda productions at the Silos in Bozeman, and Mountain Con Mine Yard in Butte.

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